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Dieselpunk sightings: Arisia SF Con 2009

Posted in Aesthetics, community, DIY by flyingfortress on October 21, 2009

*Update: Improbcat is the photographer, not the person pictured below. Sorry for the confusion.

I just happened to stumble upon Flickr user Improbcat‘s great dieselpunk outfit from this year’s Arisia convention and had to share it:

Improbcat at Arisia 2009

Improbcat at Arisia 2009

The hat, tie, headphones, and armband are excellent touches.

The contrasts are easy to see next to the steampunk costumes that are in other pictures from that set. While the crew of Steam Trek looks quite good in tassles, gold trim, and other such extravagances, the military look in dieselpunk style takes on cleaner lines, simpler uniforms, and modern neckties. This outfit cuts a very distinct 40s-era airforce or navy look with a few well-chosen accessories. It looks great as it is, but if someone else wants to try a variation on the theme: add medals, some more early electronic equipment, try a shirt with buttoned breast pockets, chevrons and other military insignia, boots, map cases and period backpacks, etc.

Improbcat: if you see this post, we’d love to see a few closeups of that armband, the equipment you have on your tie, and are those straps for a backpack? Let us know if you have any detail pictures in the comments.


On hold

Posted in Site News by flyingfortress on June 7, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Flying Fortress has shown great potential for helping dieselpunk grow as a subculture. Discussion is starting to spring up and I’m glad to be able to make a real contribution to the genre. Unfortunately, my personal obligations will soon make it impossible for me to write posts reguarly. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that TFF will be put on hold. This is likely to last until next summer, though I make no promises. I urge you to add TFF to an RSS feed reader or other alert service so that you will be notified when posting is resumed. I will make TFF’s revival known in the dieselpunk community as well, when the time comes.

In the meantime, discussion should continue in The Gatehouse’s Newspeak subforum, on Gearing Up, and elsewhere in the community.


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Dieselpunk: for the war effort!

Posted in Definitions, Site News by flyingfortress on June 3, 2008

Welcome to The Flying Fortress.

TFF is dedicated exclusively to dieselpunk, a subgenre of retro-futurism styled on the 1930s and 1940s. That sounds good, but what exactly is dieselpunk?