The Flying Fortress

The Red Star

Posted in Uncategorized by seraphimish on December 28, 2009

Now that this semester’s educative perils are relieved, let us re-visit our diesel roots in The Red Star.  This comic is likely one of the strongest examples of where dieselpunk can take the imagination.

Our story begins much like other worlds we’ve all become enamored with: technology and fashion have plateaued post-World War II.  The United Republic of the Red Star or U.R.R.S lives and breathes much like its overt influence, the Soviet Union.  Military is a part of their lifestyle and Russian folklore plays a role in the naming conventions and stories of the graphic novel.  The largest departure from our world is the widespread use of magic as wielded by military forces vis-à-vis “Warkasters”.

Without revealing much more of the story, the themes permeating this series are some of the strongest towards the aesthetic, philosophy, and militarism that dieselpunk champions.  The world that Christian Gossett and his team created with stylized 3D artistry is also an intensely engaging look for the medium that only adds to the textures and palpable feel of diesel to the world.  The gritty, fume-filled and snow covered military using an ostensibly “clean”, refined magic on their enemies make for an elegant mix of what makes the decades-ago style so attractive.

Again, I wish not to divulge much of this story as it is best left for you to experience as a primary reader, but cannot recommend these relatively esoteric stories enough.  Everything about The Red Star aside from the amazingly difficult video game of the same name is something I think even the less diesel-inclined can find some beauty in.

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