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A Brief Observation of 9

Posted in Uncategorized by Zagglenack on October 4, 2009


So I finally watched 9. I’ll admit, it disappointed. Not because I thought it was a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination, but because the film really failed to draw me into the world in a way that other animated films in the past have (I am looking squarely at you, ‘The Brave Little Toaster’).

only very minor spoilers ahead.

The film takes place in a world ruined by war and barely populated as a result. Now, while I think there may be arguments to be had for including the world of 9 into a futuristic Dieselpunk setting, My real reason for posting was to point out that during the scene in which the characters (at the library), learn more about the films antagonist, the viewer is treated to what I found to be a delightful set of fake ‘world news’ clips, the type of which I am told often played at the cinema before a feature.

I actually straightened up in my chair when they started playing, completely startled that something so throwback, perhaps even Kitsch, had made its way into the film.

In fact, I think I actually caught the term “weapons of peace” during the montage. But don’t quote me on that.

I have been looking for pictures to post, since I am always on the hunt for interestingĀ  ‘propagandized news reporting’ pieces, which I absolutely love as a small part in a larger war-ensconced Diesel setting.

If anyone has come across any stills from the film from this scene, I would love some links. And now that I think about it, any links to interesting wartime propaganda would be cool.

Cheers, everyone – look for another update soon!


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  1. Col. Adrianna Hazard said, on October 6, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Oh man, I’d filed away “The Brave Little Toaster” so far back in my memory that I’d nearly forgotten about it! What an awesome movie. I absolutely loved it when I was a kid. I’ll have to look for it in the video store next time I go. It would be nice to see it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Doug said, on October 21, 2009 at 4:52 pm is a good source

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